PTC Volunteer Opportunities

Descriptions are based on how roles were operationalized in the past.  Positions can be tailored and modified to accommodate individual needs and availability. All of these positions work closely with and with complete support of the executive board. You will not be asked to sink or swim! Thank you for volunteering! 

Please note the district rules for volunteers: “Any person who is not a student or staff shall register immediately upon entering any school building or grounds when school is in session. Also, TB and LIVESCAN results must be received prior to a volunteer working at a school site.” These forms are available in the Sunset Ranch office. Thank you!

Executive Board

Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Events, Vice President of Communications:

  • -Maintain PTC 5013c status paperwork and insurance.
  • -File all permits for events with the district, HOA, city, and Attorney General
  • -Call to order and preside over all PTC  and Executive Board meetings
  • -Work closely with Principal and Vice Principal to coordinate fundraising efforts, events, goals, and needs of the school.
  • -Sign reimbursement checks and disbursement of PTC monies
  • -Coordinate with other Exec. Board members ensure at least one Board Member is at all PTC events.
  • -Be one of three (3) Board members who can provide the signature required for disbursement of PTC monies.
  • -Attend monthly PTC meetings and separate Exec. Board meetings every month
  • -Coordinate with Chairpersons for all committees and events
  • -Attend staff meetings as needed to gain input, promote events, and work with staff
  • -Work to maintain communication via website, Facebook and App.
  • -Attend PTC meetings
  • -Work with Event Coordinators and Volunteer Coordinator to advertise all PTC events and volunteer opportunities
  • -Recognize Corporate Sponsors and Family Supporters on Facebook, website, and App.
  • -Maintain PTC calendar on the PTC website


Secretary: A member of the Sunset Ranch Executive Board, the Secretary:

  •  -Takes minutes and attendance at every PTC meeting.  (General Meetings 1x/month, Executive Board Meetings 1x/month. (2 weeks before General Meeting)
  • -Distributes minutes to Communication Team and post hard copy to the Board within 10 days following a meeting.
  • -Compiles Agenda for all PTC meetings and make agenda available to all members.
  • -Conducts necessary correspondence of the PTC:  Thank you letters, flyers for PTC events, etc.
  • -Signs checks for distribution of PTC money
  • -Keeps history and records of the PTC including event overviews, budgets, and photos.

Treasurer:  A member of the Executive Board, the Treasurer:

  • -Receives and deposits PTC funds in the bank account.
  • -Keep receipts, deposits and issues receipts for all PTC money.
  • -Reconciles bank statements on a monthly basis and present report at each PTC meeting.
  • -Ensures proper storage and back up of all electronic financial records.
  • -Keeps the checkbook and post all transactions.
  • -Manages the budget process and prepare preliminary annual budget with the rest of the board for the coming fiscal year.
  • -Processes any and all funds raised at PTC events.


Teacher Treasurer:  Works closely with the Treasurer to maintain individual Teacher accounts.

  • -Provides necessary checks for class field trips.
  • -Maintains balance of teacher accounts and provides updates to teachers
  • -Assists Treasurer with any funds raised by the PTC at events.


Non-Board Positions                     

Carnival Chairperson(s):  Decide scope and theme of Fall Carnival with the Executive Board and Lindsay Smith, Whitney Ranch Homeowners Association.  Date: 10/21/16

  • -Work closely with Room Parent Coordinator to determine role of each class at the Carnival.
  • -Coordinate Volunteers from Whitney High School
  • -Maintain Event Budget
  • -Coordinate subcommittee heads such as decorations, food, tickets, and publications

Planning for this event can happen as early as the summer.   It requires time leading up to and during the event but little time after the event.


Jog-a-thon Chairperson(s):

  • -Work with the executive board to set date, theme, and goal for the annual Jog-a-thon.
  • -Coordinate with PE teacher
  • -Work with communications team to recruit volunteers
  • -Delegate tasks as needed with room parents
  • -Explore on line giving, coordinate with website manager, Hector Sanchez, Communications team, Nicole Smith
  • -Track collections and assign prizes to top fundraisers.
  • -Reward classes with high participation with some sort of party or event.

Room Parent Coordinator:

  • – Act as liaison between the executive board and volunteer room parents
  • -Attend as many PTC meetings as possible or send updates to board prior to meetings
  • -Organize room parent orientation in the fall
  • -Create calendar of monthly staff lunches
  • -Collaborate with Art Docents and Event Chairpersons to keep room parents informed of needs and opportunities.

The time commitment ebbs and flows for this position.  During events like carnival and JAT, there are greater communication needs.  Other times, a weekly check in with Room Parents is sufficient.


Art Docent Coordinator:

  • -Plan orientation to instruct art docent volunteers regarding role and responsibilities.
  • -Coordinate supplies and keeping materials stocked
  • -Plan and execute spring Art Show with assistance of Room Parents
  • -Provide technique tips or instruction as necessary or as interested
  • Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator:
  • -Solicit corporate sponsorships from local businesses
  • -Maintain spreadsheet of businesses and perks they are entitled to receive
  • -Provide tax receipts and coordinate with secretary to send thank you letters for all sponsors
  • -Act as liaison between PTC and businesses for all events
  • -Provide business logos to the communications team for posting on PTC website and App.
  • -Order and print Corporate Thank You banners to be hung in the multipurpose room each year.

Typically, this role requires time in the late summer/early fall and then again in the spring

Family Supporter Coordinator:

  • -Work with executive board to recruit family support at various levels.
  • -Maintain spreadsheet of all families who contribute to PTC financially. (This year it included 42 families)
  • -Ensure that family supporters receive all perks they are entitled to over the course of the year, i.e., carnival wristbands, names on banners and sponsor t-shirts, priority seating at spring dance show, tickets to mother/son and daddy/daughter event
  • -Provide list of supporters to communications team for posting on website and App.
  • -With Secretary, send thank you letters to all supporters
  • -Order Family Supporter Banners to be hung in the Multipurpose Room each spring

Typically requires time in the fall and not so much during the rest of the year. 


After School Academy Coordinator:

  • -Plan after school activities with the input of principal for each Trimester.
  • -Teachers and outside vendors offer free and fee for service after school activities.
  • -Create flyer and post on PTC website and distribute 3X/year.
  • -Manage registration and deposit fees.
  • -Follow up with vendors to be sure PTC receives our percentage of registration money.

This position has busy periods during planning and then registration for each Trimester.


Spirit Wear Coordinator:

  • -Create fresh spirit wear styles as needed
  • -Display and sell current inventory of Spirit Wear at Back to School Night and other PTC events such as Family Fun Night during Book Fairs, (2) Kindergarten Night, and Open House.  (4-5 times/year)
  • -Create and solicit sales via order forms during the fall and prior to the holidays.
  • -Place order with Vendor.  May use current vendor or investigate alternatives.  Mrs. Federico offers no cost set up for new designs.
  • -Pick up all spirit wear from vendor and secure payment via treasurer.  (Local Rocklin Company)
  • -With the help of volunteers, inventory and distribute spirit wear to various classrooms after ordering period.

Coordinate with website manager to post images of spirit wear on line.

This position requires up front time to select items for spirit wear, develop order forms and the fall order is usually the largest.  This can be done over the summer to alleviate the push in the fall. 


Box Tops Coordinator:

  • -Become familiar with box tops program on line.
  • -Create system and incentives for collecting from all students.
  • -Supply teachers and students with necessary tools to collect tops
  • -Count and submit box tops 2 times/year.
  • -Make it easy for families to contribute! This is easy money with the potential for huge rewards, up to $20,000!
  • -Coordinate with Whitney High students to assist in counting box tops

This position is active throughout the entire school year and ebbs and flows with submissions.  Opportunity to be creative with reward and tracking!


Coyote Nights Out Coordinator: 

  • -Explore opportunities in the community for fundraising.   Restaurants and other family friendly events, such as Extreme Laser and Chipotle will contribute anywhere from 10%-50% of proceeds from a Coyote Night to Sunset Ranch.
  • -Coordinate dates with Executive Board
  • -Solicit Teacher involvement

This position is busy scheduling and leading up to event and reoccurs throughout the year but had down time as well.


Store Rewards (Passive Fundraising) Coordinator: 

  • -Explore and promote all store rewards available to our Sunset Ranch Families.
  • -Investigate the e-scrips program and present to our families at events such as Back to School Night and for the holidays.

Distribute information via Wednesday folders and with assistance of communications team. 

This position would require start up time but not much of a commitment throughout the year.

Daddy/Daughter Chairperson:

  • -With the executive board, plan and execute the Daddy Daughter Dance or other event.
  • -Arrange committees for ticket sales, food and drinks, decorations, DJ, photographer and flowers.
  • -Work in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator to receive help with execution.
  • -Coordinate photographer for event.
  • -Create summary report and deliver photos post event.

This is a time limited position and can be shared with a co-chair


Mother/Son Night Chairperson:

  • -Work with Exec. Board to establish event for Mothers and Sons
  • -Select date based on school  and event venue calendar.
  • -Create and distribute registration form
  • -Collect fees and maintain spreadsheet of attendees
  • -Arrange snacks
  • -Secure photographer and deliver photos post party.

This is a time-limited position



Website Coordinator:

  • -Maintain website and update as new information is available from Exec. Board and Committee chairs
  • -Facilitate acceptance of payment for field trips, events,  and family support
  • -Run reports as needed for events and payments received on line.
  • -Update as needed for new information and upcoming events


Hospitality Coordinator/Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • -Recognize and celebrate our teachers and staff
  • -Acknowledge staff birthdays with a small treat and card (List of birthdays will be provided).
  • -Organize and coordinate back to school breakfast
  • -Coordinate and publicize Teacher Appreciation Week in May.  (One day is staff lunch coordinated by room parents, other days can have themes such as chips & salsa and virgin margaritas, one day can be bring a flower to your teacher day, write a note to your teacher etc.  Small acts of kindness throughout the week.)